Deposit Agreement

Thank you for considering an Ivolyn Giant Schnauzer! A lot of work goes into planning, preparing for, and caring for these little ones, so finding the perfect forever home for them is of utmost importance for me. We do very few litters of puppies, so there will be a wait time before you will be able to get your puppy. I will only be taking 5 deposits per planned litter before the puppies are born, and after those 5 spots are filled you will be placed on my call back list in order received. In this case I will call you once the puppies are born, if there are more then 5 puppies in the litter and if we can accommodate your request. The more specific your request, the higher potential of waiting longer depending where you are on the waitlist. If you don’t place a deposit, you run the risk of missing out until the next litter which may be many months away.

We require a $500 deposit to hold your puppy. The deposit is 50% refundable at any time before the puppies are born. If you have a deposit on a puppy after they are born, you can still get 50% of your deposit back, but I will require a written and signed letter explaining why you no longer want your puppy. This letter will be shared with the next person in line waiting for a puppy, to answer any questions they may have as to why a puppy has suddenly come available, or “what might be wrong with the puppy?” Once I have the letter, I will send 50% of your deposit back to you. This holds both parties accountable to the agreement. It ensures you are serious, but we also understand that life has a funny way of getting in the way of our plans and our situations can change quickly.

If you have placed your deposit, and we are not able to accommodate your specific request (i.e. male or female etc) within 1 year from the date your deposit was placed, you can opt to have your full deposit back or continue to wait until my next litter.

There are two ways you can place your name on a waitlist for one of our puppies:

The first and best way to ensure you are at the top of the list and you will get your puppy as soon as possible, is to place a deposit. Putting a deposit down shows me that you are serious in buying one of my puppies.

The second way to be placed on the waitlist, is to send me an email requesting your name be put on my call back list. If you are on my call back list you will get a call only if there are there is a puppy available after people with deposits have gotten their puppy. People with deposits will always be put higher on the list then those on the call back list. If you have been on the call back list for 6 months and someone new comes along and puts down a deposit, they will be put ahead of you in the line up…

All requests and information must be corresponded in writing. That way both of us have something to read back on. Phone calls just don’t recall information the same way lol! So if you are wanting to place a deposit or be on the waitlist, please send me an email with your request!

For any other questions, Please feel free to either email or phone me! I am happy to answer your questions!