Adoption Contract

IVOLYN Giant Schnauzer Adoption Contract

I,                                                                                                                             ,

have on this date,                                                                            , purchased a Giant Schnauzer from Ivolyn Giant Schnauzers, for the sum of,                                  , plus applicable taxes. This purchase is subject to the following terms.

I agree to take this puppy to my veterinarian within FIVE days of receiving it. If for any reason the puppy does not pass a veterinary examination, it must be returned immediately to the breeder, (at the buyer’s expense) and we will refund the full amount paid or replace the puppy with the next available. Should the new owner decide to keep the puppy, the breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary bills or other costs related to the raising of this puppy.

Included in the price of the dog is: inoculations current to the day of delivery, registration papers and transfer of ownership with the Canadian Kennel Club (upon the buyer signing a no breeding contract), and identification microchip for C.K.C. registration purposes, a clear health examination by a licensed veterinarian and the Puppy Package kit.

A free replacement will be given for any dog which, for hereditary or congenital reasons, is unsuitable as a PET, as determined by the breeder and two unbiased veterinarians’ up to two years from the date of birth. NOTE: all Male and Female breeding stock have been tested clear of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Thyroid clear, and Eyes Clear. In order to be replaced the original dog must be returned with all paperwork (signed over – registration papers and non-breeding agreement, vaccinations, and neuter/spay certificate, etc). If euthanasia is recommended by a veterinarian for ANY REASON, the breeder must be notified and a 2nd veterinary opinion obtained (by a veterinarian of the breeders choosing) PRIOR to the dog being put to sleep, OR THE REPLACEMENT POLICY WILL NOT APPLY. If the breeder gives permission for euthanasia, a euthanasia certificate, full veterinary report and a post mortem report will be required. The breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary bills relating to this dog after date of sale. The dog will be replaced with the first available dog of equal quality.

The buyer agrees to never sell or give this dog to anyone, without prior permission of the breeder. The breeder retains FIRST right of refusal should the buyer no longer wish to keep this dog. Should the buyer decide to return the dog the C.K.C. papers that are registered to the owner must be signed back to the breeder. Should the owners find a new home and it’s agreeable with the breeder, the owners of said dog can transfer the ownership of the dog to the new owners. Should the dog be under two years of age the new owners must sign a purchase agreement with IVOLYN.

As for all Female Giant Schnauzer pups we strongly recommend that they not be spayed until after their first heat has past. Because some females may pee uncontrollable after spaying, we like to give them the extra time to develop physically, to give them the best chance of not leaking. This will not hurt the female dog in any way at all. Thy puppy will not die from the incontinence but will be on medication for the rest of its life. Your personal vet will probably disagree and that’s ok. There is no research to prove either way, so let’s just wait.

The buyer understands that this dog is sold on a NO BREEDING Agreement and that its offspring are not eligible for registration with the Canadian Kennel Club. The buyer states that this dog is being purchased as a pet and will not, under any circumstances allow it to be bred or use it for breeding purposes. If a breeding does occur, the buyer will forfeit ownership of the dog. The registration papers of the puppy will be provided within one year of the date of purchase.

If this puppy/dog no longer fits into your life you are required to notify seller immediately, and we will place the puppy in a forever home, or a temporary home until an appropriate forever home can be found. Of course, if you have a suitable home selected we will allow that, but we want to be informed that all precautions are in place to ensure that the home is suitable, not just convenient.

Under NO circumstances are puppies allowed to be resold.

ALL maintenance and veterinary expenses will be the responsibility of the buyer for the life of this dog (microchip #                                                                                ) from the date of sale.


Breed: Giant Schnauzer                                                               

CALL NAME:                                                                      

SIRE                                                                                          Reg #:                                                                                  

DAM                                                                                         Reg #:                                                                                  

MICROCHIP #:                                                                                                                                                  


DATE OF BIRTH:                                                                                                                                

SEX: M or F


Signed by breeder:                                                                                                                        

Signed by buyer: